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Here shall appear my blog posts... once I write them. Mostly posts about travel and fun projects I work on! basically an extended version of my Instagram


Hello World

About me

I am a Human-Centered Computing graduate student at UMBC. I study accessibility problems and build assistive technologies. I am especially interested in the design of intelligent interfaces that adapt to the needs of individuals with varying physical and mental abilities. I am a member of the Prototyping And Design “The PAD” lab, which is run by my advisor Dr. Amy Hurst. I am also a member of the Change Dyslexia team along with Dr. Luz Rello and Dr. Jeffery P. Bigham from CMU. The team that brought to life the dyslexia detecting game Dytective .

Get in touch

You can find me anywhere on social media by my username Xyleques
Shoot me an email at xyleques[at]gmail[dot]com